Photo: Aisha Buhari Visits America To Shame Ayodele Fayose

The wife of Nigerian president,Aisha Buhari received a warm welcome in united state of america.This follows the allegations leveled again her by the Ekiti state governnor,Ayodele Fayose,that she refuse to visit America because she was wanted for corruption there.

The allegation looked to be true when the first lady trip to america was canceled as announced at that time.

 Aisha Buhari  Visits America

 Aisha Buhari  Visits America2

 Aisha Buhari  Visits America3

 Aisha Buhari  Visits America4

Rio 2016 Olympics:Nigeria Dream Team IV Defeated Japan 5-4

Rio 2016 Olympics:Nigeria Dream Team IV Defeated  Japan 5-4
Rio 2016 Olympics:Nigeria Dream Team IV Defeated  Japan 5-4

The Nigerian dream team iv in their first match of the ongoing Rio Olympics defeated Japanese under 23 by 5-4 . Nigeria lead in the seventh minutes into the game by Sadiq Umar.

Nigerian celebration had not died down when Japanese struck back, making it 1-1.

Nigeria paid the Japanese back in their own coin by scoring after just two minutes, Oghenekaro Etebo deftly controlling a long ball before powering home from close range.
Having conjured a quick equalizer once, the Japanese were quick to pump players forward in search of another goal; it worked. A lapse in concentration by the Dream Team plus a perfectly-executed through ball sent Takumi Minamino towards goal, and he made no mistake, slotting the ball through Daniel’s legs to cap an unexpected four goals within six minutes.

Despite a late rally from the Japanese, which produced a goal by substitute Musashi Suzuki in the final minute of added time, Nigeria held on to secure a narrow victory.

PHOTO: See The Beautiful City Of Lagos State

Lagos state, the  commercial nerve of  Nigeria, was created by the then military governor, Mobolaji Johnson in 1967.
the state is a peculiar state in Nigeria and in sub-Saharan Africa. It is only state in Nigeria with people from more than 250 ethnic nationalities.

If you leave in places like Mushin, Oshodi, Ajegunle,and many dirty parts of Lagos, you will not believe your eyes when you see these pictures below. Seeing the pictures will convinced you and change your bad thought about Lagos.


PHOTO: 5 Storey-building collapses In Lekki Killing Four People

Four dead as building collapses in Lekki
 Four dead as building collapses in Lekki.
Today Tuesday early morning rain may have caused the five storey-building to collapse in Lekki phase one in Lagos state.
The Lagos state fire service men are at the scene try their best. As of the time this news reached us, six persons have been rescued alive while four persons are confirmed dead.

More news to come later…

5 Best Selection techniques in Microsoft word

Selection techniques in Microsoft word
Selection techniques in Microsoft word
To carry a formatting task in any application software, especially Microsoft word, a character, word, sentence, and paragraph must be first highlight before we can format it. Formatting in this case means changing the font style, font size, colour, bold, italic, underline, text alignment, etc.
Microsoft word, being a word processor application software, has many techniques of this these categories of text I have just mentioned. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to use the selection methods listed below:

Selection techniques

  1. Selection bar
  2. Dragging over text
  3. Double-clicking
  4. Triple-clicking
  5. Control + A

Selection bar

The selection bar allows you to select a line of paragraph- a single line of text as can be seen in the image below. By moving the mouse cursor along the left edge of a word document window, the cursor automatically changes to an arrow. The point where the change occurs is called the selection bar. At this point you noticed the arrow pointer; you can click the left mouse button once to select a single line of text.
Selection bar-microsoft word
selection bar

Dragging over text

By moving the mouse to the beginning of a text, word or sentence to be selected and drag the mouse across it to the last word. The text will be selected.


Whenever you double click on a word, the word you click will be selected. From this statement, it means to select a word you double- click on it.


While double-clicking will select a sentence, paragraph is selected by clicking on it three times. If, for example, there are many paragraphs in a word documents. You can select a particular paragraph by just moving the mouse to the middle of it and click on it three times.
Selecting paragraph-Microsoft word.
Selecting paragraph-Microsoft word.

Control + A(ctrl+A)

The shortcut key ctrl+A can be used to select the whole microsoft word document. This key combination is handy if you want to format everything you have typed at once. For example, in a sixty-page document. It is require to change the font size to 12,by just pressing ctrl+A all the text in the document will be selected. The next thing to do is to change the size by clicking on the appropriate font size.

With these five selection techniques, you will be able to select a character, a word, a sentence, and a paragraph. Selection bar to the rescue when selecting a sing line of text. Double-click selects a word in a paragraph and triple-click selects paragraph.

Feel fre to share your opinion by commenting in our comment section. Thank you.

Selecting, Editing Cells In Microsoft Excel Worksheet

Selecting, Editing Cells In Microsoft Excel Worksheet
Selecting, Editing Cells In Microsoft Excel Worksheet

To carry out a particular task in Microsoft excel worksheet-editing and formatting cells content, you must first select those cells. In this tutorial selecting and editing cells in excel worksheet; I am going to show you different methods of selecting and editing cells content  as listed below:

Selecting and editing cells

  1. Select cell
  2. Select cells by dragging
  3. Enter data
  4. Edit a cell
  5. Edit a cell by using the formula bar
  6. Edit a cell by double-clicking in a cell
  7. Change a cell entry

To understand and grab the content of this tutorial, get your computer ready and open Microsoft excel. You are advice to carry out each exercise so that you will be able to do the same by yourself.

1.Select cell

At this stage, we want to select a range of cell A1 to E7. To select cell A1 to E7, please follow this exercise.

  1. Go to cell A1.
  2. Press the F8 key. This anchors the cursor
  3. Note that “Extended Selection” appears on the status bar in the lower-left corner of the window. You are now in Extended Mode.
  4. Click in cell E7. Excel highlight cell A1 to E7.
  5. Press ESC key and click anywhere on the worksheet to clear the highlighting.

Note : Extended Mode is used in place of dragging across the cells, it allows you to select range of cells by just entering the cell reference(E7) that determine the size of the range from a reference point(A1). This method is better than dragging with mouse, because it allows you to select a range which spans many rows and columns.

2.Select cells by dragging

To select cells by dragging, hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse over the area. You can as well non contiguous areas of the worksheet by following the exercise below:

  1. Go to cell A1.
  2. Hold down the Ctrl key. Do not release it until step9. Holding down the control key allows you to select non contiguous areas of the worksheet.
  3. Press the left mouse button
  4. While holding down the left mouse button, use the mouse to move from cell A1 to C5.
  5. Continue holding down the control key, but release the left mouse button.
  6. Using the mouse, place the cursor in the cell D7
  7. Press the left mouse button
  8. While holding the left mouse button, move to cell F10. Release the left mouse button
  9. Release the control key. Cell A1 to A5 and cell D7 to cell F10 are selected.
  10. Press Esc key.

3.Enter Data

To enter data into excel cell, place cursor into the cell you want to starting entering data. Type some data into the cell, press enter key when you are through. Press the backspace to delete a character at a time.

  1. Place the cursor in cell A1
  2. Type "United State of America" .
Entering data in to worksheet
Entering data

4.Edit a cell

The content of a cell can be edited after you have  type a data into it. By pressing F2 while you are in the cell you wish to edit. For example, instead of typing Janet into a cell but Janot was entered into the cell. So, it is necessary for you to edit the wrong name you entered. Follow the exercise below correctly to change the name Janot back to Janet without losing the content of the cell.

Edit a cell

See the steps to change Janot to Janet
  1. Move to cell A1
  2. Press F2
  3. Use the backspace key to delete‘t’ and ‘o’
  4. Type ‘et’
  5. Press Enter

5.Editing a cell by using the formula bar

Formula bar is an alternative method to using F2 to edit a data in a cell. You can as well change Janot to Janet as done in number 4 above.

Edit a cell with formula bar

  1. Move the cursor to cell A1
  2. Click in the formula bar
  3. Use the backspace key to erase the letters ‘o’ and‘t’
  4. Type ‘at’
excel formua bar
excel formua bar

Note: You may ask me, why can’t I  just click on the particular cell to edit its content. If you have that in mind, you are wrong. By clicking on the cell to be edited and try to type anything, the new data you type will automatically erase the old entry and you will lose the data. So, the best methods to edit a cell data are using F2 and Formula bar.

I am very optimistic by now that you are good to go in selecting and editing cells in excel worksheet. Using different methods to select a cell-by dragging, extended mode (F8),formula bar and with F2.
Please, drop comment here if you have anything to add or remove or you have any suggestion.

How To Move Around In Microsoft Excel Worksheet

Microsoft Excel Worksheet
Microsoft Excel Worksheet

Sequel to my previous tutorial on how to rename an excel worksheet,I am here again to show you methods you can use to move around in Microsoft excel worksheet.

To be proficient in the use of excel spreadsheet, one needs to know the different methods by which you can exploit the excel worksheet, move to cells, ranges and group of ranges. As you know, Microsoft excel is the second office application software after Microsoft word a learner should know very well because it is an important tool for an office holder, business person, teacher banker,engineer,researcher,etc.

New Job For Administrative Officer At FanMilk Plc

Job For Administrative Officer At FanMilk Plc
New Job For Administrative Officer At FanMilk Plc 

New job for administrative officer at fanmilk plc.A leading company that manufactures frozen diary food,nutritious,non-frozen food,and healthy products is looking an energetic administrative officer.Our company is a fast growing and established food processing company producing wide range of products.

Vacancy:Foreign Service National Investigator At U.S. Embassy

us embassy job

New vacancy exist for Foreign Service National Investigator at u.s. embassy.We are looking for suitable and qualified candidate for this position.You will be an adviser to the regional Office on security matters.

Job Location:Abuja

Job Position:Foreign Service National Investigator

Microsoft Excel Tutorial: How To Rename A Worksheet

Microsoft Excel Tutorial: How To Rename A Worksheet
Microsoft Excel Screen

Microsoft Excel Tutorial: How To Rename A Worksheet

In this Microsoft excel tutorial, I am going to be showing you how to rename a worksheet in excel. Worksheet can be renamed using different methods, and in this tutorial you learn how to use all the methods. Renaming worksheet makes it easier to keep track of individual sheets in a very complex workbook and that it makes one to understand formula that contain multiple worksheets in a particular project. All the four ways of renaming excel worksheet will be categorized into two, the first is using the Ribbon and the second is using the worksheet tab.
What you will learn in this tutorial is outlined here:

A Company In Lagos Needs The Service Of Personal Assistant

Personal assistant  vacancy in lagos.Your job specifications are as follows:
  1. Devising and maintaining office systems, including data management and filing;
  2. screening phone calls, enquiries and requests, and handling them when appropriate;
  3. meeting and greeting visitors at all levels of seniority;
  4. organising and maintaining diaries and making appointments;

Intercontinental Hotels Group Newest Job Placement

InterContinental Hotels Group-We are one of the world’s leading hotel companies. Present in nearly 100 countries, we have 168 million guests staying in 727,000 rooms in over 4,900 hotels per year.
You’ll know our hotel brands. They are some of the best known and most popular in the world - InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts, Holiday Inn®, Holiday Inn Express®, Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Indigo®, Staybridge Suites®, Candlewood Suites®, EVEN Hotels® and HUALUXE® Hotels and Resorts.

Google Blogger SEO: Enabling The New Search Preference Option

Google Blogger Account

In this article about enabling Google blogger search preference option, I am going to show you how to enable the search preference option and its importance in the SERP.
Have you ever noticed when you search for information on site like, and you see a blurb of texts on the search result page that looks the one below?

Search Engine Result Page

In the search result above, the third line under the site link is the search description. You will notice those texts in bold. Those are the keywords that match what the searcher has entered into the search engine.Since the search descriptions are well written, it ranks high for that keyword. You may ask, what is the benefit of this text to the site owner-the webmaster.

Search description is an HTML attribute that provides information about the content of a particular page to searchers.It summarizes the content of your site in short form- a kind of a free advertisement for your article to be found in search engine ranking page. It attracts the searchers to come to your site after going through the description, if it matches what they are looking for.

Economic Community Of West African States New Jobs


ECOWAS is recruiting graduates in administration,Banking and Finance.
The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is a regional grouping with 15 Member States in West Africa (three landlocked and one island) with a population of about 300miIlion with an annual economic growth rate of around 6%. The ECOWAS Commission is the Headquarter created in 1975 to enhance Regional integration and Developmental programmes in West Africa. ECOWAS is one of the eight Regional Economic Communities (RECs) supporting the African Union to coordinate implementation of continental integration and development in Africa.

NEXTZON- Recruitment For Graduate Analysts


NEXTZON-  Recruitment For Graduate Analysts.Our intent is to leverage Africa’s emerging markets, rising growth, value creation opportunities, latent entrepreneurial talent and overall innovative drive for the creation of wealth for all our stake holders as well as add value to the Nigerian economy through the creation of jobs. Our clients include start-ups, small and medium enterprises as well as multinationals and industry leaders in key sectors of the Nigerian and African regional economies.